Choosing A Company

Caution! Here are some critical things to think about when choosing a company to install your lighting. Installing Holiday Lighting can be a dangerous and complex business.

1. Does the company carry liability insurance and workers comp insurance?

If they do not and an employee is hurt on your property, you could be held liable. In today’s world, there is a saying about filing a claim with your homeowner's insurance that goes "use it and lose it." If you file a claim, it may be very hard to get insurance in the future. We carry all the necessary insurance.


2. Does the owner of the company supervise the job?

I supervise all jobs to insure the job is done right the first time. I guarantee that by me being there to oversee the job, you are getting a superior service. Additionally, it is necessary to walk on the roof of many houses. If someone is too heavy, they can destroy a roof; something you may never know about for years until a roof leak is detected. I hire people that are light enough to walk on roofs without damaging them. Also, I care about not doing any damage to your home and treat it as my own. When a company sends out a couple of people that are not overseen, they most likely are getting paid a percentage, so all they care about is getting things done ASAP.


3. How far is the company located from you?

Every year I get calls from customers that had lights installed by another company, begging me to fix their lights, because the other company that originally installed the lights will not come back. Worse yet, this is an easy business for unemployed people to "jump into." You can usually spot them. They have a ladder tied on the top of the minivan or a beat up truck. These people have no idea of the complexity of installing lighting. Many get deposits and never show up or come back to take the lights down. All my lighting jobs are taken down by January, 12th. Additionally, 90% of my jobs are within a 10 mile radius so I am always around to take care of problems.


For the above mentioned reasons (and a dozen others not mentioned) I run one of the superior lighting companies in the area. I could easily triple my business by sending out crews, but I have seen the poor quality of work and damaged homes over the years. I prefer to establish long term business relationships that will last over the years. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully I have made you a better informed consumer.


Happy Holidays,