About Us

Orange County Christmas Lights was founded in 1996 and has been serving OC for 20 years. We specialize in the professional installation of Holiday lighting on commercial and residential buildings. We also install light pole flag banners, can supply all materials, and provide storage.


We offer early bird discounts on lights installed through October. Many people think having the lights installed before Thanksgiving is considered early, however this is late in the season. If an installation company is good, they will be in very high demand and start installations in mid-October. Typically, customers turn on the lights Thanksgiving night. If you have your lights installed before Thanksgiving, you just do not turn them on until you are ready. By having them installed early, you get the most for your money. Some customers install clear bulbs and turn them on for Halloween, thus getting more use for their money.


A popular trend in decorating is to install lights in the backyard. This ads a great atmosphere for the season and its nice to be in the house and see lights in the backyard. Additionally, many backyards are visible to the street, so its exciting to be driving and see your house from far away.


Another trend is LED lights. The future of all lighting will be this type of light. While these sets of lights truly use 90% less electricity than traditional Christmas lights, they are very expensive to purchase up front. They also have the same problems as traditional mini-lights. If one bulb in 50 goes bad, it can make the whole strand stop working. For this reason, we have not converted over to LEDs. Additionally, many boast 100,000 hour bulb life, but the wire will never last this long, so the benefits are misleading. If you do the math it could easily take 10 years go get payback on LEDs. Another problem with LEDs is the individual bulbs are not replacable. Every manufacturers LEDs have a slightly different hue. If you buy lights in different years the hues can be different from the same manufacturer. Clear LEDs are also not as bright as traditional bulbs and people dont realize this until they are installed and are frequently disappointed.


We also do party, wedding and landscape lighting repairs and maintenance. Contact us for your next installation.