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1. I Supervise Every Job and Treat Your Home as if It Were My Own.

Most houses require some walking on the roof to install lights. All my crew weigh under 180 lbs., so we will not damage your roof. We also provide extensive safety training.


2. We Carry Workers Comp and Liability Insurance.

Installing Holiday Lights can be very dangerous work. If the company you hire does not have WC (I would guess 80% of my competition does not have any insurance) and an injury occurs you may be filing a claim with your homeowners insurance.


3. Most of Our Jobs are Within a 10 Mile Radius, So We are Always Close by if a Problem Occurs.

Most of our competition is from out of the area and it will be difficult to have them come back for repairs.


4. Many of Our Competitors Hire Guys with Little or No Experience and Pay Them on a Percentage Basis.

This results is shoddy workmanship. Beware of the guy that shows up with a ladder tied on the top of the family mini-van.


5. All of Our Jobs are Taken Down by January 12th, and Most by January 7th.

Every year I take down at least 30 jobs because our competition never comes back to take down the lights they installed.


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These lights come in several lengths and colors. They can dramatically get your business noticed at night. Imagine a customer driving at night and when they see these unique lights they will only focus on your business. All other businesses in your center will be overlooked. Since they are LED they are almost free to operate after the initial cost. We can install, design, and supply this product.
Directed by: Tim Turanfick

Here is an example of 80cm white snowfall meteror LED lights installed in a tree.
Directed by: Tim Turanfick